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November 6, 2014

Learn how to make your own ground beef crumbles.

November 6, 2014

Save money by making your own beef patties instead of purchasing them pre-made.

October 30, 2014

Learn how to prepare ground beef for long-term freezer storage.

December 1, 2012

Have you ever kept track of how those tiny tastes of food throughout the day, especially over the holidays, can add up. Follow along and see for yourself! Learn more about healthy eating at our University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension website:

November 27, 2012

Give a gift of holiday cheer with these hot beverage mixes. They're delicious and easy-to-mix. They are easy on your budget but make a "priceless" gift. Download the related recipes at:

August 18, 2011

(NOTE: When canning foods, it is important to know your local altitude. Your altitude determines the amount of pressure (pressure canner) or time (boiling-water canner) for your food. If you don't know the altitude of your location, check with your local Extension office -- find a list of offices across the United States at: Or check with your local planning commission or zoning office, or on a webpage about your town or city.)<br /> <br /> Canning might be considered an art as well as a science. As such, we often want to let our creative side take over! We create own recipes, improvise regarding equipment and supplies, and may make decisions based on half-truths. If you’re a beginning canner or even an advanced canner, see how up-to-date you are on canning before you get out that boiling water canner or pressure canner. Or if freezing is your choice … before you start searching for freezer containers. For more information about canning and freezing, visit our University of Nebraska-Lincoln website at (This video is based on peer-reviewed materials)