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April 19, 2021

On this week's program, we'll take a look at signs of the Zimmerman Pine Moth and give you tips for home pond cleaning. Program run down: Samples: :52 Praying Mantis 3:26 Cankers 5:14 Regent Serviceberry Q-N-A 7:52 Scale Insects 9:36 Concolor Fir Winter Damage 11:57 Sap Rot in Fir 12:33 Boxwood Winter Damage 14:27 Zimmerman Pine Moth Feature Q-N-A 17:28 Midges 18:28 Ant Bait 19:44 Dead Tree Fungus Killing Turf 21:32 Turf Mushrooms 22:52 Korean Spice Viburnum 23:26 PJM Rhodedendron 24:00 Garden Update 25:47 Indoor Fungus Gnats & Aphids 27:24 Lightning Round 31:46 Plant of the Week Q-N-A 33:30 Termites in the Landscape 35:23 Fasciation 36:27 Black Knot 37:38 Magnolia Issues 38:39 Spring Pond Cleanup Feature Q-N-A 41:54 Carpenter Bees 43:07 Swallowtail Butterfly 43:58 Cedar Apple Rust 46:31 Poison Ivy 48:19 Wasp Indoors 49:34 Snow Mold 50:33 Using Other Materials in Raised Beds 52:22 Attracting Pollinators

April 18, 2021

UNL Research Technologist Josh Reznicek demonstrates how to properly clean your pond and why it's important.

April 18, 2021

Nebraska Extension Assistant Educator for Urban Entomology Kaitlin Chapman talks about the signs of a Zimmerman Pine Moth infestation and what you can do about it.

April 12, 2021

On this week's program we'll hear some spring turf tips and hear about how the garden center industry deals with supply and demand. Program run down: Samples: :50 Solitary Bee Habitats 3:26 Winter Annual Weeds – Henbit 5:14 Monstera Albo plant Q-N-A 7:19 Beehive death and queen replacement 8:35 Mixed turf problems 11:10 Shady turf under silver maples 13:40 Tayler juniper staking 14:39 Clump heritage birch pruning and spacing 15:37 Spring Turf Tips feature Q-N-A 19:17 Elm leaf beetle pupae 20:24 Orb weaver spider 21:32 Common chickweed 23:48 Pennycress 25:08 Starting tomatoes from seed problems 26:31 Garden Update 28:12 Lightning Round 32:47 Plant of the Week Q-N-A 34:11 Magnolia scale 35:47 Nimblewill 37:40 Golden trivet and boxwood pruning 38:53 Dwarf alberta spruce winter damage 39:56 Pandemic Garden Supply feature Q-N-A 43:42 Clover mites 45:36 Woodpecker damage 46:33 Weedy lawn and starting over 48:11 Ash tree problems 49:09 Canadian cherry damage 50:21 Insects surviving harsh winter 51:28 Mixing zoysia and buffalograss 53: 44 Vegetable garden proximity to drain field

April 9, 2021

Randy Wolf from Campbell's Nursery in Lincoln Nebraska talks about how the garden center industry kept up with supplies and plant material during the pandemic and the outlook for this growing season.

April 9, 2021

Nebraska Extension Turfgrass Specialist Bill Kreuser talks about tips to getting your lawn ready for the growing season

April 5, 2021

For the season opener, we'll hear about what's in store for 2021 as well as a spring weather forecast. Samples: 1:11 Prostrate Knotweed 3:03 Kabatina Tip Blight 3:31 Cedar Apple Rust Galls 3:47 Cedar Quince Rust 4:50 Where/when to Prune Roses Q-N-A 6:21 Poison Hemlock 8:25 Shepherd’s Purse 9:17 Snow Mold 12:25 Winter/Animal Damage Pruning 13:40 Odd Forsythia Blooms 14:44 Welcome to Backyard Farmer Feature Q-N-A 17:35 Unknown Plant 18:44 Speedwell 19:31 Spruce Cankers 21:59 Hydrangea 24:03 Garden Update 27:09 Lightning Round 31:56 Plant of the Week Q-N-A 33:27 Star of Bethlehem 34:33 Ground Ivy 25:25 Peach Rust 36:54 Powdery Mildew 37:47 Mysterious Holes in Cottonwood 40:10 Weather Forecast Feature Q-N-A 43:20 Cleaning Weeds out of Raised Beds 44:42 Mystery Fungus 45:45 Front Lawn Slope Problem 48:01 Lawn Aeration 49:16 Temperature Effects on Diseases 51:11 Black Plastic for Weed Management 52:32 Clover & Creeping Jenny in Strawberries

April 4, 2021

Program Host Kim Todd gives a preview of what's upcoming for the new season of Backyard Farmer.

March 29, 2021

On the season finale of Lifestyle gardening we'll take a look at new woody ornamentals, garden trends for this season, the landscape design process and check out some winter problems that might need some attention this spring.

March 29, 2021

Program Host Kim Todd talks to Corey Brabec and Anne Houser of Kinghorn Gardens about how the landscape design process works and what to expect when renovating your outdoor living space.

March 29, 2021

Nebraska Extension Landscape Horticulture Specialist Kim Todd shows plants waking up from the winter cold and discusses several issues that might need special attention when the weather warms up.

March 29, 2021

Randy Wolf of Campbell's Nursery talks about a few selections for woody ornamentals.