Market Journal | August 9, 2019 (Full Episode)

August 9, 2019
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This week on Market Journal… (00:46) Baleage vs. Haylage – Baleage and Haylage are often used interchangeably, but there are differences. Nebraska Extension Educator Brad Schick explains how they vary and what might be best for your operation. •For more information, visit (04:03) Summer Pneumonia in Calves – A listless calf that’s easy to catch probably isn’t feeling very well. Could summer pneumonia be the cause? Dr. Halden Clark, a veterinarian with the Great Plains Veterinary Education Center, explains why cases may be on the rise this season, and options for treatment. (06:23) This Week in the Markets – Mike Briggs of Briggs Feed Yard offers his take on the recent Cattle Inventory Report, feedlot margins, supply heading into Labor Day and more. (13:35) Al’s Forecast – Nebraska Extension Ag Climatologist Al Dutcher lets us know what we can expect in our weekly forecast. (18:09) Current Crop Diseases – Nebraska Extension Plant Pathologist Dr. Tamra Jackson-Ziems shows us how to identify southern rust on your corn and ways to contain the disease. •For more information, visit (24:44) Scouting Soybean Gall Midge – Nebraska researchers are out in the fields looking for signs of soybean gall midge infestation. Cropping Systems Specialist Dr. Justin McMechan gives a first-hand look at the damage the pest can do. Next Week… We'll look at some things that impact corn silage quality, and hear about the upcoming Crop Management Diagnostic Clinics later this month. Plus, Oklahoma State University’s Derrell Peel is here to break down the livestock markets. • Become a show sponsor: • Website: • Facebook: • Twitter: • Instagram: